A question that has been asked - what differentiates average and stellar sport performance – and the answer may surprise. It seems, if the training is generally similar, that the only real differentiator, is mostly the rate at which the body can regenerate after exertion – so that you can train again, recover, repair, sooner. And, since training is really nothing more than the breaking down of muscle tissue, athletes who can repair muscle tissue and restore it quicker to a healthy state, has an advantage.

So, what assists one to do this – and it turns out that the answer to this, is pure and simple, nutrition. If you can regenerate your body quicker and healthily, you not only build a stronger body, you also create an advantage over other athletes you may compete against, who are not taking their nutrition as seriously

And this is where Raw Octane came into being. We realised that we needed to go back to basics. To create products that were as close to nature as possible. To create products that were made from real foods in order to nourish and repair.

So yes, the products may not taste like your favourite chocolate bar or strawberry milk shake, but they are packed with everything your body actually needs to recover, repair and build a stronger, healthier you. None of our products contains chemical flavourants, anti-caking agents, fillers or preservatives. They are however, chock-full natural and therefore easily usable vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and anti-oxidants!

We are catering to the serious athlete, who knows that only by nourishing their body, can they excel. The athlete who will do what it takes to be the best. Who puts in the extra effort – and knows that nutrition is as, if not more, important than the training.

What more can a body ask for when performing at its peak!

Raw Octane is committed to quality, innovation and delivering products that will give you results - while keeping you healthy!

We thank you for your support. We don’t exist without you. You are therefore our main concern and we value your input and feedback.

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